Welcome to Kelestan

Kelestan is the eastmost Satrapi (or province) of the Kingdom of Babkha, a micronation based on Persian culture. Kelestan has always been a stronghold of the BLCP, the Babkhan Liberal Centre Party, as it was the home of former vizier of economics Jafar Farzani. This tradition is continued under the present Satrap, Darius Rugahi. Kelestan is currently undergoing a change and revival to become a Babkha's foremost centre of intellectual and artistic activity and being a source of inspiration for the whole country. It is the Satrap's intention to make Kelestan a jumpbase for Babkha to enter a new era.

The following information and institutions can be found on this website:

- The Kelestani Infobase, containing facts and general information about Kelestan.

- The Babkhan Arts and Science Centre including the Speakers Hall and the Museum of Modern Babkhan Arts (MOMBA)

- The homepage of the Vayelon Firewolves, Kelestans first sports team.

- The infamous camel racing grounds
If you have any questions regarding Kelestan or this website, please contact the Satrap.