Vayelon Firewolves
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Vayelon Firewolves

The Vayelon Firewolves are the first and foremost Kelestani sports team. Supported by the many football (soccer) enthousiasts throughout the Satrapi, the expectations for this team are high. Even more so since it is led by Darius Rugahi, who managed to win the world championship in Ratelon with the Babkhan national in the summer of 2004. The coach has failed miserably with the national team in the worldcup in the home country though, by not achieving to even make it to the second round of the tournament.

There hasn't been an update on the team for a while, but that does not mean that the team was inactive. The Firewolves won the 3rd season of the KAFL league after a hard-fought race with native Anelkan team 1. HFC Kaisersberg. This win gave entry to the qualifying round of the supra-micronational Superior Cup.
The Firewolves won the qualification match, and ended up second in the group phase. The semi-finals were won after penalties against Baliho Blue Bears from Albernia; this meant the Firewolves were in the finals of the Superior Cup. The final match was to be played against Freeport Cardinals from Astor, against whom we played one loss and one draw in the group phase. This, however, did not discourage the team, but gave them extra energy to fight back: the result was a clear 4-1 victory of the Firewolves, bringing the Superior Cup to Vayelon! We would like to thank the Kingdom of Anelka for hosting their KAFL league, and mr. Laird Glencairn for running it and guiding us and the other KAFL representatives through the Superior and VMF cups. We also want to thank the Ratelon state of Salbor for a well-organized cup.

Results from the Superior Cup

Qualifying Round  
FC Appeldorn (Hansastan) vs. Firewolves 5 - 5
Firewolves vs. FC Appeldorn (Hansastan) 4 - 1
Group Phase  
Firewolves vs. Ming Dragons (Gelbes Reich) 4 - 2
Freeport Cardinals (Astor) vs. Firewolves 0 - 0
FC Lüderitz (Ratelon) vs. Firewolves 3 - 6
Ming Dragons (Gelbes Reich) vs. Firewolves 3 - 0
Firewolves vs. Freeport Cardinals (Astor) 1 - 5
Firewolves vs. FC Lüderitz (Ratelon) 4 - 4
Semi Finals  
Baliho Blue Bears (Albernia) vs. Firewolves 5 - 5 (penalties 3-4)
Firewolves vs. Freeport Cardinals (Astor) 4 - 1